Siemens 80 lb/hr High-impedance Fuel Injector EV1 connector

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Siemens 80 lb/hr High-impedance Fuel Injector EV1 connector-Pack of 8 injectors

Static Flow lb/hr (n-Heptane): 80

Static Flow cc/min: 875

Dynamic Flow (mg/pulse): 18.6

Coil Resistance Ohms: 12

Spray Pattern: Pencil

Connector Type: Minitimer (Bosch EV1/LS1)

Dynamically flowed and grouped to within 1% tolerance using Racetronix custom injector flow bench when purchased in packs.
All tests run with n-Heptane @ 20oC (+/-1oC), 3.0 Bar (+/-0.01 Bar), 14VDC (+/-0.05VDC), saturated driver with RC cutoff.

Injector flow rates are based on testing with n-Heptane test solvent (0.6855 g/ml). U.S. EPA emission test gasoline 40CFR86.113 (0.735g/ml) flows in most common injector designs at about a 3 to 4% higher rate than n-Heptane. A ratio of 1.035:1 can be used when converting the flow specifications above.

This high-impedance injector will work with all factory ECM/PCM injector drivers.