MSD 8.5mm LT1 OTVC Corvette Impala SS ’93-’97 Superconductor Wires



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LT1 OTVC Camaro Trans Am ’93-’97  MSD 8.5mm Superconductor Wires

MSD’s 8.5mm Super Conductor wire sets have a special helically wound core that has just 40-50 ohms of resistance per foot–but with an RFI suppression equal to a 1,500 ohm wire. In fact, each foot of finished wire features 40 feet of tightly wound copper for superior conductivity. A tough 8.5mm synthetic/silicone jacket over an extra-heavy glass braid and dielectric insulator keeps the current guided to the plugs. Underneath the high-temperature boots, dual crimp stainless steel terminals feature snap-locks to ensure a secure fit.

Add choice of spark plugs from NGK and AC Delco

cool socks — ADD $54
Double Wall Fiberglass Sleeve
Protects Wires & Spark Plug Boots to 1200°F
Can Rest Directly on Exhaust Headers
Resist All Engine Chemicals & Non-Conductive
Works With Most Boots Including 90° Components
7-1/2″ Length – 3/4″ ID

hi heat boots —-ADD $14
good to 700°F radiant, the regular grey boot is good
to 400* radiant

High Heat fire sleeve –ADD $27
good to 1200* non direct contact

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